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About Us

allindiainfo.in launches a new Business Listing Site for India

In the era of Digital Revolution at its peak in the world, Growing Your Business without being visible online is a dream far from reality.

Started back in July 2017 with the domain “allpricelist.in”, we have received so much response and love from our website visitors that we had to come up with a new website i.e. “allindiainfo.in” with lots of new features and ideas that to with same concept in June 2019. With the aim to help Indian Business to stay up to date with current market trends, allindiainfo.in launches a new business listing site for India.

allindiainfo.in is an B2B, B2C web portal which brings manufacturers, dealers, stockists, suppliers, buyers etc. at one common platform to help achieve their milestone.

allindiainfo.in offers business owners to list their businesses in FREE or PAID packages. Premium packages always show your business profile on TOP position.

As most of the businesses are still not on the web. And most of the businesses doesn’t have their own website to showcase their Products or Services online, allindiainfo.in come up with the feature of providing FREE Business Website of their own.

If we think as Customer’s point of view, customer can be anyone, a business owner can be your customer or an enduser can be your customer. Every customer visits online and try to search for the businesses for their buying requirements in the whole country, hence it is mandatory that you must list your business on allindiainfo.in

For Customers- allindiainfo.in have the numbers of businesses registered with it, to fulfill your each and every requirement.

Why it is important to Register Business Online?

According to allindiainfo.in, it is very important for each and every business to make their presence online. When your online business  listing is correct and consistent, it signals to search engines that your business is legal, true and can be trusted. And when search engines like Google and others trust your business, more customers will see it in search results, resulting in a lot more visitors and traffic to your business webpage. And you can convert your Visitors – Leads – Sales.

Our Tagline - Help Growing Indian Business

As our tagline is ‘Help Growing Indian Business’, we have always looked for the welfare of Indian businesses in every manner. Our only desire is to expand your business and help you grow. Day by day we try our best to minimize your obstacles in every way. We are fully dedicated to you and we always try to help your ideas grow.

allindiainfo.in Timeline

We always look for Something New Something Better


Provided the feature of Request For Quotation as RFQ for the visitors who are looking to buy products & services at competitive price from the market.


From the last one year our founder was continuously working on the new model and strategies to take our website to the next level for the Indian Business Owners as you were loving our work. So, he finally decided to go with ALLINDIAINFO as the name allpricelist was not getting match to the new concept and ideas.

Why he choosen all ALLINDIAINFO is because the name which clearly says that it contains the information of All Over India. From the beginning, Our Motto – Our Target – Our Goal is to help Indian Businesses only and which can be cleared by our Tagline ‘Help Growing Indian Business’.

  • Now any Business Owner can list their Business on allindiainfo.in with complete business details.
  • Now any of our Website Visitors can search for their Product or Service and can directly send inquiries to Businesses.

We were working on our website to make it better and more better for you as we loved so much positive response from visitors.


Provided the feature to download Price List.


This mission was started by our Founder Nitin Modi as allpricelist.in

Now You Can Register Your Business In Two Easy Ways

Recommended Method

The best way to Register Your Business is by Signing Up your account and filling up your complete Business details and after approval, your business listing will go live. In this way your business listing will be in your control and you are allowed to change any of your detail by logging in to your account.

This way of Registering Business is specially made for the people for are not aware of Technology or might find it difficult to operate any website. You can register your business by simply filling up a form where we ask you some basic details of your business and you have to upload your Visiting Card and we will register your business on your behalf and you will not have any control on it. But you can claim your listing in future by creating an account or you can contact us through email if you need to change any of the detail.


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